Soil to Groundwater Salinity Converter

This calculator estimates groundwater salt concentrations from soil samples processed using the saturated paste method (McKeague, 1978; Carter & Gregorich, 2008). Analyte concentrations should be given relative to extract volume (mg/l) rather than soil weight (mg/kg). Groundwater concentrations are calculated according to the formulas provided in Banks & Banks (2019).

Conversions using in-situ hydraulic conductivity (meters/second) are prioritized (if available), followed by soil types classified according to the Canadian and Unified Soil Classification Systems (Soil Classification Working Group, 1998; ASTM Committee D-18, 2011). If neither are available, default conversions are used.


EC (uS/cm):
Chloride (mg/l):
Sodium (mg/l):
Calcium (mg/l):
Magnesium (mg/l):
Potassium (mg/l):
Sulfate (mg/l):

Hydraulic Conductivity (m/s):
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