Cryptocurrencies According to /biz/


Biz, the business section of 4chan, is generally considered one of the earliest and richest sources of information regarding cryptocurrencies. For example, SHIB was widely advertized there in late January, before the price increased over 20,000 times in the following four months. However, this useful information is usually obscured by scammers and people advertizing their own projects.

To get a somewhat reliable overview of the cryptocurrencies preferred by /biz/, I ran three polls there and asked people to rank groups of twelve cryptocurrencies on The below table provides the results from 179 respondents, scored under the Borda Count and Plurality voting systems. In addition, the aggregated results of all three polls are available here. Each cell indicates the number of times a coin in column 'i' was ranked above one in row 'j'. Values on the diagonal give the total number of polls in which each coin was ranked.

RankN = 87Borda %Plur %N = 47Borda %Plur %N = 45Borda %Plur %

While these data aren't sufficient to provide a comprehensive ranking of all cryptocurrencies considered, a few findings are obvious. First Monero (XMR) is the first choice among a significant proportion of /biz/ and has widespread support across the entire board. Given it has a market cap (as of June 18) of 4.878 billion, ~140 times less than that of Bitcoin, it is heavily undervalued according to /biz/. While Ethereum is only the first choice among a small propotion (8.05%) of /biz/, it also has more widespread support than Bitcoin. Finally, while a number of coins including Cardano, Ripple, and Dogecoin enjoy a high market cap, they are considered to be overvalued, with low rankings.