Welcome to My Website


You may notice my blog system and website are derivative of Luke Smith and can be found on his GitHub. While I will alter his code to suit my tastes, I am in no rush to reinvent the wheel. Instead, I would like to focus building my website and making a few videos.

Lately I have been researching Urbit, a user-friendly personal server that has become popular as of late. In particular, I've been reading through the works of its founder, Curtis Yarvin (i.e., Mencius Moldbug), in order to understand his goal of using Urbit to create an alternative to the progressive philosophy that is so pervasive as of late. My first videos will probably be on these topics, the purpose of Urbit and its technical details. I'll also record a few audiobooks of Yarvin's major writings, as a way to get my speaking voice back in shape.

Apart from Urbit, I have a few other video ideas. I've been finishing my PhD thesis concerning the effects cannabis use has on the brain and decision-making, so I would like make some psychology and neuroscience oriented videos. I have a large backlog of experiments I need to publish, so videos might be a good way to distribute my research. Also, I've been using OpenBSD for a while now, partly for its philosophy (simplicity, security, package quality, etc.) and partly due to patriotism, as Theo de Raadt and I are both Albertan. There aren't too many OpenBSD videos on YouTube and I've been altering the LARBS ricing scripts to work with BSD.