What is Sneedacity?

Sneedacity is an audio recording and editing suite forked from Audacity. Unlike Audacity we have removed all methods of telemetry and user data collection from the source code. Consequently, Sneedacity is free, open source, and respects user privacy. Moreover, Sneedacity is in active development in order to extend functionality beyond that of Audacity.

Where does the name come from?

"Sneed" comes from episode 5, season 11 of The Simpsons, E-I-E-I-D'oh or E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt). Sneed and the sign Sneed's Feed and Seed (Formerly Chuck's) is a meme that has become very popular on 4chan (especially amongst the "blue," or "Safe-For-Work", boards). References to "Sneed" are always incorporated into our software.

Why Sneed? Why not something more serious?

During the vote to name an audacity fork, the name "Sneedacity" won by a large margin. Memes are fun, as is contributing to free and open source software. Consequently, Sneedacity is our way of supporting free software, while also having fun.

Is Sneedacity free and open source?

Yes, Sneedacity is free (as in speech) and open source. You are free to run or alter the program as you wish, study and alter the source code, and redistribute your modified code. Moreover, Sneedacity respects user privacy. We do not include telemetry, trackers, or any form of data collection in our software.

What projects are you working on (or have completed)?

Ultimately, Sneedacity will form one part of a much larger, Sneed-based software suite. This includes, Sneedacity (Audacity-based audio editor), SIMP (image editor forked from GIMP), the Sneedium web browser, and more. You are free to propose additional Sneed-related projects. However, our immediate efforts are focused on improving Sneedacity.

How did you get started? What is /g/?

Sneedacity, started on technology-oriented, 4chan imageboard /g/.


Seems like these teenagers are committing real code out of pure rage. How long can they keep this up?
    voov1ce, Redditor

Zero real developers, just edgy kids "participating" by editing the readme files.
    Latter_Pin9045, Redditor

(took the code from sneedacity PR lol)
    ShiningLea, Audacium developer

They want to infiltrate your mind by using hate as an infiltration technique. Literally.
    cookiengineer, Pinephone™ enthusiast

Replace eed with uck.
    emabrey, Tenacity maintainer